Eden Valley Cemetery Information

The Woman's Club started development of the cemetery in 1920. The deed to 40 acres was granted in 1926. They paid $1.25 per acre. Originally family members and volunteers cared for the cemetery grounds. Many hauled water from their homes to water trees.  County funds enable the board to hire a caretaker to maintain the cemetery.  Eventually most of the old footings were removed, grass planted, and a sprinkler system installed. Recently the cemetery has been enlarged and new trees and shrubs planted. The first person to be buried in the cemetery was a one month old baby of Lou and Emma Sims. The tiny grave lies in the northeast corner of the cemetery.

The cemetery list was compiled from grave sights, newspaper obituaries and personal journals.  The cemetery list is in Acrobat Reader format. 

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Many obituaries are on file and if your are seeking more information, contact Mickie Michelson.

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